Catálogo de psp

La lista de juegos para la pequeña consola de Sony no para de crecer.

Peliculas de las que se hace su versión jugable.

juegos para Play Station 2 y 3 que tienen su formato en psp.

Otros tantos exclusivos.

y sin olvidar que podemos jugar en nuestra compañera de bolsillo  a todos los antiguos juegos de la psx.

la variedad y el entretenimiento estan asegurados.

listado de juegos:

Listado de juegos Psp

– 0-9 –

[PSP] 007 Desde Rusia Con Amor
[PSP] 007 From Russia With Love
[PSP] 300 March to Glory
[PSP] 50 Cent: Bulletproof G-Unit
[PSP] 7 Wonders of Ancient World

– A –

[PSP] Ace Combat X: Skies Of Deception
[PSP] Aces of War
[PSP] Aedis Eclipse “Generation of Chaos”

[PSP] After Burner Black Falcon
[PSP] Al mahjong
[PSP] Alien Syndrome
[PSP] Ape Academy
[PSP] Ape Academy 2
[PSP] Ape Escape “Sarugetchu”
[PSP] Ape Escape “On The Loose”
[PSP] Ape Escape Race
[PSP] Armored Core “Front Extreme Battle”
[PSP] Arthur y los Minimoys
[PSP] Asphalt Urban GT 2
[PSP] Asterix Y Obelix “XXL 2 Mission Wifix”
[PSP] Atari Classics Evolved
[PSP] ATV “Offroad Fury Pro”
[PSP] ATV Offroad Fury Blazin’ Trails
[PSP] Avatar “The last air”

– B –

[PSP] B-Boy
[PSP] BattleZone
[PSP] Blade Dancer “Lineage Of Light”
[PSP] Bleach Heat the soul 3
[PSP] Bleach Heat the Soul 4
[PSP] Bliss Island
[PSP] Blitz Overtime
[PSP] Blokus Portable
[PSP] Bob Esponja
[PSP] Bomberman
[PSP] Bounty Hound
[PSP] Brave Story New Traveler
[PSP] Breath Of Fire 3
[PSP] Brian Lara International Cricket 2007
[PSP] Brooktown High
[PSP] Brothers in Arms D-Day
[PSP] Brunswick Bowling
[PSP] Bubble Booble Evolution
[PSP] Buble Double evolution
[PSP] Burnout Dominator
[PSP] Burnout Legends
[PSP] Bust a Move Deluxe
[PSP] Bust a move Ghost

– C –

[PSP] Cabelas African Safari
[PSP] Call of Duty: Roads to Victory
[PSP] Castlevania
[PSP] Championship Manager 2007
[PSP] Chessmaster
[PSP] Chili con carnage
[PSP] Coded Arms
[PSP] Collin McRae Rally 2005
[PSP] Crash Tag Team Racing
[PSP] Crazy Taxi Fare Wars
[PSP] Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
[PSP] Crush
[PSP] Cube
[PSP] Coded Arms: Contagion

– D –

[PSP] Daisenryaku Portable 2
[PSP] Darkstalkers
[PSP] Dave Mirra Challege BMX
[PSP] Daxter
[PSP] Dead Head Fred
[PSP] Dead to Rigts
[PSP] Death Jr II “Root of Evil”
[PSP] Def Jam Fight for NY The Takeover
[PSP] Dinasty Warriors
[PSP] Diner Dash
[PSP] Disnasty Warriors II
[PSP] Dj Max 2
[PSP] Donkey Xote
[PSP] Dora Slot Kyojin no Hoshi II
[PSP] Downstream Panic!
[PSP] Dragon Ball Shin Budokai
[PSP] Dragon Ball Z Shin Budokai 2
[PSP] Dragon Quest VS. Final Fantasy
[PSP] Dragoneers Aria
[PSP] Driver 76
[PSP] DTM Race Driver 3
[PSP] DTM Racer Driver 2
[PSP] DTM Racer Driver 3 Chalenge
[PSP] Dungeon Maker “Hunting Ground”
[PSP] Dungeon Maker Hunting Ground
[PSP] Dungeon Siege
[PSP] Dungeons y Dragons Tactics
[PSP] Dynasty Warriors

– E –

– F –

[PSP] Field Commander
[PSP] Fifa Street 2
[PSP] Fifa07
[PSP] Final Armada
[PSP] Final Fantasy
[PSP] Final Fantasy “20 Aniversary”
[PSP] Final Fantasy 2
[PSP] Final Fantasy Tactics
[PSP] Fired Up
[PSP] Flow
[PSP] Football Manager “Handheld”
[PSP] Football Manager 2007
[PSP] Football Manager Handheld 2008
[PSP] Formula One 06
[PSP] Free Running
[PSP] Frogger “Helmet Chaos”
[PSP] Full Auto 2
[PSP] FlOw

– G –

[PSP] Gangs of london
[PSP] Ghost in the Shell
[PSP] Ghost rider
[PSP] Go! Puzzle
[PSP] God Of War – Chains Of Olympus
[PSP] Gradius Portable
[PSP] Great Battles Of Rome
[PSP] Gretzky NHL
[PSP] Gripshift
[PSP] GTA Liberty City Stories
[PSP] Guilty Gear Judgement
[PSP] Gun Showdown
[PSP] Gurumin – A Monstrous Adventure
[PSP] Gottlieb Pinball Classics

– H –

[PSP] Hard Rock “Casino”
[PSP] Harry Potter y el Caliz de Fuego
[PSP] Harry Potter y la Orden del Fenix
[PSP] Harvest moon Inocent Life
[PSP] Harvey Birdman
[PSP] Hot Brain “Fire up your Mind”
[PSP] Hot Pixel
[PSP] Hot Wheels
[PSP] Hot Wheels Ultimate Racing

– I –

[PSP] Infected

– J –

[PSP] Jackass: The Game
[PSP] Juana de Arco
[PSP] Juiced Eliminator
[PSP] Justice League Heroes

– K –

[PSP] Kamaleon
[PSP] Kanji Trainer Portable
[PSP] KazooK
[PSP] Key of Heaven
[PSP] Killzone
[PSP] Kingdom of Paradise
[PSP] Kings Field Additional I

– L –

[PSP] Lanfeust Of Troy
[PSP] Legend of the Dragon
[PSP] Legends of Heroes 3
[PSP] Lego Star Wars II
[PSP] Lemmings
[PSP] Locoroco
[PSP] Locos Por El Surf
[PSP] Los Sims 2
[PSP] Los Sims 2: Mascotas
[PSP] Luxor

– M –

[PSP] Madden NFL 07
[PSP] Marvel Nemesis
[PSP] Marvel Trading Card
[PSP] Marvel Ultimate Alliance
[PSP] Mawaskes Based on Carton Kun
[PSP] Me And My Katamari
[PSP] Medal of Honor “Heroes”
[PSP] Medal of Honor: 2
[PSP] Medievel Resurrection
[PSP] Megaman Power UP
[PSP] MTX Mototrax
[PSP] Megaman X Maverick Hunter
[PSP] Mercury
[PSP] Metal Gear Solid “AciD 2”
[PSP] Metal Gear Solid “Portable OPS”
[PSP] Metal Gear Solid Digital Graphic Novel
[PSP] Metal Gear: Portable Ops PLUS
[PSP] Metal Slug “Antonlogy”
[PSP] Miami Vice
[PSP] MicroMachines V4
[PSP] Midnight Club 3
[PSP] Mind Quiz
[PSP] Mission Imposible
[PSP] Monster Hunter
[PSP] Monster Hunter 2
[PSP] Monster Hunter Freedom
[PSP] Moto GP
[PSP] MX vs ATV Unleashed “On The Edge”
[PSP] Myst

– N –

[PSP] Namco Museum- Battle Collection
[PSP] Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes
[PSP] NBA Live 06
[PSP] NBA Live! 07
[PSP] NBA Street Showdown
[PSP] NBA Ballers Rebound
[PSP] NCAA Football 07
[PSP] Need For Speed Carbono
[PSP] Need for Speed: ProStreet
[PSP] NFL Street 2
[PSP] NFL Street 3
[PSP] NFS Most Wanted
[PSP] NHL 2007
[PSP] NHRA Drag Racing Countdown To The Championship

– O –

[PSP] Online Chess Kingdoms

– P –

[PSP] Pack´s de juegos (32Mb y 512Mb)
[PSP] PacMan World 3
[PSP] Padre de Familia
[PSP] Parappa the Rapper
[PSP] Patapon
[PSP] Payout Poker & Casino
[PSP] Petpet Adventure
[PSP] Pilot Academy
[PSP] Pimp My Ride
[PSP] Pinball GotliebPinball
[PSP] Piratas del Caribe 3: En el fin del mundo
[PSP] Platypus
[PSP] Pocket Racers
[PSP] Practical IQ
[PSP] Prince of Persia “Rival Swords”
[PSP] Prince of Persia Revelations
[PSP] Pro Evolution 2007
[PSP] Pro Evolution Soccer 2008
[PSP] Pro Stroke Golf World Tour 2007
[PSP] Pump it “up exceed”
[PSP] Pursuit Force
[PSP] Puyo Pop Fever
[PSP] Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords

– R –

[PSP] Rainbow six: Vegas
[PSP] Rapala Trophies “Pesca Deportiva”
[PSP] Ratch and Clank Size Maters
[PSP] Rattatoille
[PSP] Reel Fishing “The Great Outdoors”
[PSP] Rengoku II
[PSP] Ridge Racer 2
[PSP] Riviera The Promised Land
[PSP] Rocky Balboa

– S –

[PSP] Samurai Warriors “State of War”
[PSP] Star Wars: Battlefront Renegade Squadron
[PSP] SBK-07: Superbike World Championship
[PSP] Scarface
[PSP] Scooby Doo Who is watching who?
[PSP] Señor de los Anillos “Tactics”
[PSP] Sega Genesis Collection
[PSP] Sega Rally Revo
[PSP] Shinobido Tales of the Ninja
[PSP] Shrek Tercero
[PSP] Sid Meier’s Pirates
[PSP] Silent Hill “Origins”
[PSP] Smackdown vs Raw: 2008
[PSP] Shrek Smash N’ Crash
[PSP] Smash Court Tennis 3
[PSP] SNK Arcade Classics Volume 1
[PSP] Go! Sudoku

[PSP] Soccom FTB 2
[PSP] Socom “FireTeam Bravo 2”
[PSP] Socom U.S. Navy Seals Fireteam Bravo
[PSP] Sonic Rivals
[PSP] Sonic Rivals 2
[PSP] SooBy Doo
[PSP] Space Invaders
[PSP] Spectral vs generation
[PSP] Spider-Man 3
[PSP] Spiderman 2
[PSP] Splinter cell Essenstial
[PSP] SSX On tour
[PSP] Star Soldier
[PSP] Star Trek “Tactical Assault”
[PSP] Star Wars Battlefront 2
[PSP] State Shift
[PSP] Steel Horizon
[PSP] Street Fighter “Zero 3 Double Upper”
[PSP] Street fighter Alpha
[PSP] Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max
[PSP] Street Supremacy
[PSP] Sudoku Battle Action Zendoku
[PSP] Super Fruit Fall
[PSP] Super pocket tennis
[PSP] Superbike World Championship
[PSP] SWAT: Target of Liberty
[PSP] Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror
[PSP] Silent Hill: Origins

– T –

[PSP] Taito Legends Power Up
[PSP] Tales of Eternia
[PSP] Tales Of The World
[PSP] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
[PSP] Tekken dark resurrection
[PSP] Tenchu Time Of Assassins
[PSP] Test Drive “Unlimited”
[PSP] The Big´s
[PSP] The con
[PSP] The Fast & The Furious
[PSP] The Warriors
[PSP] Thrillville
[PSP] Toca Race Driver 3 Challenge
[PSP] Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon 2
[PSP] Tomb Raider “Anniversary”
[PSP] Tony Hawk´s Project 8
[PSP] Tony Hawks Underground 2 Remix
[PSP] Transformers
[PSP] Traxxpad
[PSP] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

– U –

– V –

– W –

– X –

– Y –

~ por luisifb en junio 4, 2008.

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  1. Espere mucho tiempo para ver esa peli, lamentablemente fue una decepcion… esta mas o menos, pero no la veria nuevamente.

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